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Finding A Salon in Wilmington, Delaware.

Hair Styling Studios in Wilmington, De.

Babe Styling Studios
213 N. Market Street
Wilmington, De. 19801
(302) 543-7738

Okay so you are new to the Wilmington Delaware area and you need to develop many new relationships quickly. But 1st-things-1st, finding a great hair salon in Wilmington is a priority. The issue is that not all salons are created equally and the place that services your neighborhood down the street just might not work for you at all.

When trying to find the best hair salon some of the best resources are the recommendations and experiences of friends. Check who your friends are using for their hair cut or color, and if you like how it looks you may want to give them a try. We recommend that you be particular about which stylist you go to, no 2 hairstylists are the same, even within the same hair salon.

Be weary of hairdressers that cut your hair then pass you to an apprentice to do the coloring. When you book your hair salon, make sure the person who was performing the cut and coloring is an experienced hairdresser. You may want to go as far as asking if it will be the same individual performing both tasks.

It’s important not to judge a salon based on its’ appearance. Some of the best cuts and colors come from smaller, quieter hair studios, and likewise the large, flashy and well-no salons don’t always deliver on their promises. Don’t judge a salon by how it looks, judge it on word of mouth, or by how much experience the hairdressers and colorists have.

Another recommendation in your quest to find a good hair salon in Wilmington is to bring a photo and be specific. Even when you find a good hair salon, you will need to ensure you get a good haircut or color from your hairdresser. One person’s version of ‘auburn’ can be different from yours, so a picture is the best way to be clear about what you want!

Another good idea when searching for a new hairdresser is to know what you want and be willing to take small steps to get there. Sometimes you may feel afraid to speak up about what you want, or you may just be unsure. Whatever you do, don’t trust the hairdresser to make that decision for you, their taste may be very different from yours, and you’re the one that has to live with the cut and style afterwards. Also, if you’re thinking of making a dramatic change, take baby steps 1st; try light brown before you go to blonde, go to a Bob before you go super short!

Utilizing the above tips will increase the odds that you locate a great hair salon in Wilmington, De; please check back weekly for updates.

Delaware hair salons outside of Wilmington.

Below are a few good hair salons in Wilmington for you to check out:

220 E 14TH ST
Wilmington, DE

Wilmington, DE

Wilmington, DE

Wilmington, DE

Salon 828
828 N Union St
Wilmington, DE

We recommend you always do your homework first of course. Even on the styling studios that we recommend, the experience will be determined client by client and stylest by stylest.

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